Petersen Plumbing Services

Meet the Owner

Taylor Petersen, owner and founder of Petersen Plumbing Services, is a hardworking and honest individual that possesses traditional values and takes pride in his work. He makes sure that every job is completed correctly, professionally and in a timely manner, and that every customer is happy and has a positive experience.

Starting his journey as a plumber many years ago with a local Mill Valley plumbing shop, shortly after being introduced to the trade, Taylor quickly realized it was something he greatly enjoyed and wanted to excel in. Early on, he discovered just how important it is to personally connect with customers. Being a local Marin plumber and providing a solution to a problem is much more rewarding than simply working for profit with a large corporation. It was the satisfaction and happiness from his clients after he completed a project that he found the most rewarding. After continuing his education and learning the operational side of running a professional business, Taylor earned his Contractors License from the California State License Board, and decided to branch out and start his own company. Taylor created Petersen Plumbing Services, where he would be able to offer unique and modern services and solutions that are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly within the local community.

Taylor’s values and actions extend beyond just that of his work, as he is a long time resident and active member of Marin County, who continuously works to give back and improve his community. Whether it is volunteering his services or making generous donations, he is actively involved with organizations such as Kiddo, FMDSA, Red Cross and other local charities. Additionally, he makes a concerted effort to support other locally owned businesses within the community. Just as he takes pride in his work and his company, he takes pride in his neighborhood and fellow community members and wants to see them flourish and be successful.

Whether you see him at the farmers market, fishing Bon Tempe Lake or spending time with his family downtown, remember that Taylor Petersen and Petersen Plumbing Services is a great member of your community rooted in Marin County and wants to be your local and direct plumber for life!

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